Gold: $1,783.48
Silver: $22.55
Platinum: $953.87


I've been telling everyone about the Coin Banker. I work at local grocery store and have been buying the silver coins from my drawer for several years now. I can't believe the Coin Banker paid me over a THOUSAND DOLLARS for my coins. I love you guys!
- Jenny H.
I shopped around before accepting your offer. All I can say is... The Coin Banker ROCKS!!! The Coin Banker beat everybody's price.
- Mike R.
I went to my local "Coin Dealer" and he offered me less than half of what the Coin Banker paid me. Thanks for everything.
- Ava T.
Very Impressive! I printed my offer on Sunday, mailed my coins in a USPS Priority Box on Monday, and received my check on Saturday. Thank You!
- Jeorgia T.
I have had so much fun putting my coins into the Virtual Bank. I was shocked watching the Offer get bigger and bigger.
- Sheri H.